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Overwhelmed with years and years of slides from family vacations and birthday parties? Imagine having all your slides digitally enhanced on one DVD set to music for added enjoyment.



Allen's Camera Shop, Inc. can preserve your prized memories conveniently on permanent, high-quality DVD. Coordinate your trips, catalog your holidays or organize your own chronology all set to easy-listening background music. Just sit back and watch the years go by.



You will also get your high-resolution scanned images on CD for viewing on your PC, sharing on the Internet with family and friends, and for making high quality reprints.



Everything you need is included at one price!









High Resolution Scan & Enhancement

  • 2000dpi Hi Resolution Scan (higher resolution is available at an additional fee)
  • Rotated to proper orientation
  • Cropped to eliminate slide mount edges
  • Image Enhancer™ adjust hue to produce images with clear contrast
  • Digital Ice™ Technology: detects, analyzes, and automatically compensates for scratches and dust
  • Digital GEM™ Technology corrects for film grain
  • Multi Sample Scanning noise reduction
  • And that's not enough for Allen's Camera Shop, Inc.! One of our skilled technicians will then review each image in Photoshop™ if any additional corrections are needed.
  • Images saved numerically (0001, 0002, 0003, etc.) to match the order that you want
  • Saved in folders that you request ("1976 Hawaii," etc.) as .jpg images
  • Burned to CD (or Data DVD-R will hold almost 5 times more images)
















DVD Slideshow

  • Personalized Opening Title embossed on an animated Photo Album (additional titles may be included at an additional charge)
  • Each slide will be displayed for 7 seconds each with a one second dissolve between each
  • Easy listening background music
  • Opening Thumbnail Menu with visual chapter points
  • Chapter points placed every three minutes for easy navigation
  • Personalized Imprint (same as your opening title) on the face of your DVD










Slides Scanned at 2000 dpi

35mm, 126mm and 110mm in a 2" x 2" mount Add $.03 per slide if not numbered.

Up to 80 Slides


Up to 1000 Slides


1001 Slides and Over


Odd Sized Slides Scanned at 2000 dpi

Slide with mounts larger or smaller than 2" x 2" (Stereo Slides, Glass mounts) 1" x 1" 110mm, 127mm Large Format slide in 2" x 2" mount. Add $.03 per slide if not numbered

Up to 60 Slides


Over 60 Slides


Medium Format Slide Scan

3" x 3" mounts. Add $.03 per slide if not numbered.

Up to 12 Slides


Over 12 Slides










To further enhance your slide archiving, Allen's Camera Shop, Inc. offers the following services at an additional charge:


DVD Duplication

Includes: DVD-R media tested for quality; Custom Imprint: up to two lines of text, 24 characters and/or spaces per line, and Storage Case

1 Copy


2 to 9 copies


10 to 20 copies


Dual Layer DVD Duplicate









1. Number Your Slides

  • Slides should be removed from carousels or slide trays, individually numbered, rubber-banded together and submitted in numbered packs. Each slide needs to be numbered in the upper right-hand corner. While numbering, should you omit or misnumber a slide, add a letter to the number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 3a, 4, etc.).
  • When numbering your slides, please underline all numbers as the numbers 6 and 9 can be confused with each other. Slides received unnumbered will be numbered at TMT at an additional charge of $.03 per slide.

2. Select a Title for Your Transfer

"The Smith Family Memories", "The Adventures of the Wells Family", "The Johnsons" are a few suggestions. If a title is not desired, please indicate NO TITLE on the order form. Otherwise, we will begin your production with the title of "Memories."

3. Don't Forget to Order Extra Copies

  • Store your master and watch the copy.
  • Copies make great gifts.
  • Share the cost with family and have copies for everyone.

4. Package Your Slides

Bring or mail your film reels to:

Allen's Camera Shop, Inc.

4401 New Falls Road

Levittown, PA 19056

Download our printable order form to include with your order


If you have any questions regarding your slide transfer, please call us at 215-547-2841.








Why would I need a high resolution file and a low resloution file of each slide?

We do this to make it easier on you. Hi Res Images: If you were to try to view your slide images on your computer a high resolution it could take a very long time for each image to load because of the large size of the file. Use these image for making photographs or any type of Photo Shop work. Low Res Images: These are the images that you would use to view on your computer.(If you see a slide image in low res that your would like to see in hi res, just look for the same slide number in the Hi Res folder) They will load much more quickly. You could also use these images for sharing over the internet.


How many images can I fit on a 2-hour DVD?

Approximately 1,000 images appearing on screen for 7 seconds each. There will also be a 1 second fade between each image.


What will I get back?

When your transfer is completed, all of your slides will be returned along with any boxes in which they were stored. Your transfer will be on a DVD-R. In addition to your slide show (with music background) on DVD, you will receive a CD (or DVD-R Data disc) with all of your slides saved as JPEG files!


What kind of picture quality will I see on my DVD Slideshow?

If your DVD Player and Television monitor are connected correctly you will get the best picture possible! The .jpg images that you receive will be much higher resolution than your television is capable of reproducing.


Should I get my slides scanned at 2000, 3000 or 4000 dpi?

2000 dpi should be all that you will need. It will produce an excellent 4"x6" and 5"x7" print and is much more than you need for producing the best possible picture for a DVD Slidshow. You might consider 3000 dpi if you want to crop the image or make 8"x10" prints. 4000 dpi for large prints or intricate Photoshopping.


Can I have extra titles through out my transfer?

Yes. See additional services for details.


Can I have extra copies made for my family?

Yes. See additional services for details.


Will my DVD play on my DVD player?

DVD-R disks are used for transferring your images to DVD. In order to take advantage of this technology, your DVD player MUST be compatible with DVD-R. 99% of DVD players manufactured in the past two years will play your DVD transfer. Please check your DVD player manual for compatibility or contact the manufacturer.


What is DVD-R?

DVD-R is a disk onto which information (your video) can be written. Think of it as the same type of CD-R you may use to copy music files on your computer, however, the DVD-R can hold much more data.

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